The rooms are located on the magnificent and tranquil Bay of Emporios.


Mavra Volia

The name Mavra Volia means black stones in Greek. The beach is fully covered with small round black stones and has very clear waters. (300m from the Rooms)


Mesta is a village-castle on the south of Chios.  Belongs in the  Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO.  (20Km from Emporios)


Anavatos is a medieval, now abandoned village in the center of Chios (about 20Km from Chios town)

Kampos Chios

South of the city stretches the fertile plain of Chios known as Kampos, overgrown with citrus groves. (5Km from Chios town)


Pyrgi is known as the painted village on account of the decoration of the houses.

Nea Moni

An 11th-century monastery on the island of Chios that has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (15Km from Chios Town)